Nights of Azure mostra demoni e trasformazioni

Tutte le forme di Arnice

di Tommaso Alisonno

In Nights of Azure, il nuovo Action-RPG di Gust, i giocatori interpreteranno il ruolo di Arnice, una ragazza che pur di proteggere il regno di Ruswal da una minaccia di natura demoniaca non esita a stringere a sua volta dei patti coi demoni per sfruttarne i poteri.

Grazie a questi patti, Arnice potrà essere accompagnata in battaglia dai suoi servitori nonché assumere temporaneamente una forma ibrida: Demon Form, Rabbit Form, Phantom Form, Armor Form, fino alla devastante Nightmare Form, come mostrato nel trailer di gameplay che segue.

Nights of Azure arriverà su PS4 in Europa il prossimo 1 Aprile: riportiamo in calce il comunicato stampa originale.

Hertfordshire, 26 February 2016- In the fictional kingdom of Ruswal, where GUST’s new RPG Nights of Azure takes place, the beautiful protagonist, Arnice, is called to protect humanity from demons that plague the land in the night. Opting to fight fire with fire, Arnice has the power to summon demon allies, who serve by her side when she ventures in the battlefield.

These Servans have several functions, as some of them can be called as healers, attackers, defenders, tricksters, followers, or mages and they have quite lively characters. Arnice can upgrade and equip them when she is at the hotel base, and they all gain experience from battle.

Putting together a nicely functioning team of up to four Servans before starting a mission helps Arnice balance her team according to the requirements of each task. Furthermore, as the Servans have personalities of their own, it’s always entertaining to see how they will react when teamed up with others.

However, there is another element that determines which allies could form a strong team. All Servans have a ‘transformation factor’ attached to them. This influences Arnice significantly as she also has the power to transform into a Demon!

Overall Arnice can take five different demon forms, depending on the sum of the transformation factor of the Servans that accompany her. The basic form is the Demon Form, which allows Arnice the power to manipulate fire. Rabbit Form gives her unnatural speed, and Phantom Form transforms her into a blue sharpshooter, allowing her to strike from a distance! A stronger form is the well balanced Armor Form that increases both the offensive and defensive attributes of the protagonist. And last, but certainly not least, Arnice can transform into an overpowering demonic creature when she takes on the Nightmare Form!

Nights of Azure will be released on the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system on 1st April 2016.

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