Hitman Sniper arriva su Mobile in Autunno

Oltre 100 missioni - in prova all'E3

di Tommaso Alisonno

Square Enix ha annunciato che nell'arco del prossimo Autunno sarà disponibile su dispositivi Mobile il titolo Hitman: Sniper. Sviluppato dalla divisione di Montreal della Software House, il gioco offrirà oltre 100 missioni ricche di opportunità creative per svolgere gli incarichi di assassinio, sfruttando l'ambiente e gli elementi circostanti il bersaglio.

Il gioco sarà anche presente all'E3 di Los Angeles, presso lo stand della Software House, e verrà msotrato in anteprima nel corso degli eventi Square Enix Presents.

A seguire il primo teaser, le immagini e il comunicato stampa:

05.06.2014, London: Square Enix Montréal is proud to announce Hitman: Sniper, a brand new competitive sniping game currently being developed for mobile and tablet devices. E3 attendees will be treated to a very first look and hands on during the world’s biggest video game trade show.

After receiving critical acclaim for Hitman GO, the first mobile Hitman game to be released by the studio, Square Enix Montréal will continue extending the franchise into mobile with a completely new Hitman game. Hitman: Sniper focuses on the subtlety of execution and includes a series of scenario-driven contracts, which contain a number of targets and assignments to allow for replayability.

Hitman: Sniper will be launching later this year as a free to play title with over 100 missions full of creative opportunities to manipulate the environment, guards, and targets to complete the hits. It is also designed to deliver a game experience that is built from the ground up for touch screen devices and takes full advantage of the possibilities offered by the platform and will contain leaderboard driven challenges for players to compete against their friends.

Hitman: Sniper will also have a live 30 minute broadcast from the E3 showfloor on Square Enix Presents from 12:30 PST to 13:00 PST and will allow everyone at home to access exclusive news and reveals. Tune in via the following link www.youtube.com/squareenixpresents

To take a first look at E3 please contact the media contact below and for further information keep an eye out for further announcements via the game’s forums.


For more information on Hitman Sniper check out www.hitman.com and for more information about Square Enix Montréal go to http://www.square-enix-montreal.com or Square Enix at www.square-enix.com