Halo: TMCC tornano le modalità fuori dagli schemi!

L'action Sack Playlist fa il suo ritorno nella collection di Halo

di Fabio Cozzi

La playlist di Halo con le più strane e divertenti modalità di gioco è tornata, e visto il numero di titoli presenti nella TMCC, la lista è ancora più lunga del solito.

343 Industries ha rilasciato un elenco di tutte le modalità suddivise per capitolo della serie, tutte all'interno dell'Action Sack Playlist.

Qui sotto trovate l'elenco (in inglese) :

Halo 2 Classic

  • Gold Rush – grab your Magnum and load your shotgun for this fast-paced Territories variant
  • Blast Resort – assault the base with your bomb, but watch out – you only have one life per round
  • Team Troy – epic battles of brute force (Brute Shot)
  • Team Shotty Swords – close-quarters power weapon mayhem (shotgun & Energy Sword)
  • Team Shotty Snipes – get up close and personal, or keep your distance (shotgun & sniper rifles)

Halo 2 Anniversary

  • Gungoose CTF – Halo’s latest fan favorite finds its true home
  • Kill from the Hill – drop foes while holding the hill for extra points.
  • Quickochet – Don’t be a ball hog (Ricochet variant with short ball timer)

Halo 3

  • Dodgeball – just like high school gym class, but better.
  • Team Sumo – knock opponents out of the ring to win. One life per round
  • ShWATguns – who needs shields when you’ve got a shotgun?
  • Team Swords – slice n’ dice your way to victory
  • Team Hammers – grab your hammer, and crush some dreams
  • Hammer Hill – launch foes from the hill with your trusty hammer
  • Team Duals – what’s better than one gun? Two
  • Team Splasers – try not to follow the little red dot…
  • Team Punchout – Plasma punch your foes straight in the face
  • Red Glare – look out for blinking red lights and speeding rockets

Halo 4

  • Binary Slayer – laser sights, swords, and a whole lot of thrusting
  • Fiesta Classic – random weapon starts makes for the ultimate Spartan party
  • Lighting Flag – one-shot kills and tactical ordnance drops make for a fast paced and deep CTF variant
  • Clang of the Hill – sword clash your way to hill dominance
  • Medal Madness – each round, earn more medals than the enemy team to win
  • Stickyball – anticipate the ball carrier’s next move with the deadly sticky detonator
  • Ninja Assassins – use precision and agility to become the deadliest ninja
  • Husky Raid – charge down a narrow corridor to capture the flag. Persistence is… key
  • Paintball – take cover and avoid plasma bolts – one shot to the body will take you down
  • Shotty Snipers – get up close and personal, or keep your distance