Arriva domani il corposo aggiornamento di DriveClub

Tantissimi nuovi contenuti!

di Valerio De Vittorio

Con un nuovo livello di difficoltà, un'ambientazione inedita, nuovi livelli Elite, Driver e Club e tanti fix basati sui feedback dell'utenza, DriveClub si evolve nuovamente. Sarà disponibile da domani infatti un corposo aggiornamento, mostrato in questo video:

Questa densa patch fa inoltre da apripista per il prossimo DLC, in arrivo il 23 febbraio, chiamato appunto No Limits, accompagnato dal DLC Suzuki.

Eccovi la lista di tutte le novità dell'aggiornamento, che ricordiamo sarà gratuito, tratte dalla pagina facebook ufficiale del gioco:

The newest track “Scotland – Old Town” is here, offering 6 track variants to play across all DRIVECLUB & DRIVECLUB BIKES game modes.
A new “Hardcore Handling” option is now available, turning off traction control, stability control & other assists. Enable this in Gameplay Settings for a more realistic driving experience.
Multiplayer Private lobbies have a new 'Photo mode' setting to help you choreograph photos and videos with friends. This disables ghosting, wrong way timers and automated reset to track scenarios.
Photo mode screen filters can now be enabled outside of photo mode, while you race.
Photo mode now offers extended Zoom and Exposure settings, plus all settings persist between photo captures during an event.
Replays have a new option to toggle player tags on and off at any time during the replay when you use the L1 Button. The Dynamic Precipitation option has been improved to reduce the likelihood of persistent rain.
10 new Elite Levels have been added (new cap is 35).
10 new Driver Levels have been added (new cap is 95) with new livery rewards to unlock along the way.
25 new Club Levels have been added (new cap is 85) with new livery rewards to unlock along the way.
The loading screen for DRIVECLUB and DRIVECLUB BIKES now show off 2 awesome new #PS4share community photos.
Fixed the 'Weekend Warrior' Trophy for DRIVECLUB BIKES. Ranking up the KTM 1290 Super Duke R to Bike Level 15 is now no longer a requirement.
Includes general improvements for game performance, stability and usability.


“No Limits” Expansion Pack featuring 6 events, 5 Trophies and 2 new cars: Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 V-Spec II & Honda Civic Type-R. “Suzuki” Expansion Pack featuring 6 events, 5 Trophies and 2 new Bikes: Suzuki GSX-R1000 & Suzuki GSX-S1000 ABS.


The update will be available from Feb 11th. Update size is 0.9GB bringing the total size of all updates combined so far to 13GB.