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    Predefinito Aiuto X The Legacy of Goku

    Ho bisogno di un aiuto riguardo il gioco The Legacy of Goku del GbAdvance.

    Vorrei sapere come si fa a trovare la sfera verde quando si va su namŔk.L'ho cercata dappertutto,ma non si trova.

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    Anche io avevo questo problema..E'dentro al tempio, in una zona che sembra nascosta!
    A lato di una statua mi pare che si trovi, anche se sembra ci sia solo un muraglione
    Io usai una guida in inglese
    Namek Temple
    "Go inside the temple. This is easily the most confusing part of this game.
    Well, you may not think so, but I do. When you first walk in, go straight
    ahead onto the white platform before the statue. Now, walk all the way to the
    east (avoiding enemies, if possible), then to the north a bit. You will soon
    see a hand pointing to the East. Walk right where it points. This will lead
    you to a hidden passage. When you get through the passage, you will see the
    last "Magical Artifact" (Yeah!). Pick it up and walk out the way you came. Do
    not die here as I will waste a bit of time. Walk right past the hand this
    time, into the complete opposite direction it points to reach a blue platform.
    Take that to reach the beginning of the temple. Feel free to save now, as it
    will not waste time. Walk north up to the statue again, but don't go on the
    platform this time. Go by the Western Flight Charge and pick it up. Walk to
    the West from where the Flight Charge was located. You will enter a secret
    passage. Keep on walking west, even when you come out of the passage. When
    you can't go West anymore, head south and take the orange platform. When you
    emerge from the platform, go a few steps East then to the south. Pass by the
    green platform. Go a bit more to the East and take the Yellow platform. Go
    west from that platform as soon as you can. Go all the way to the West and
    take the final platform you see, the white one. Walk strait up into another
    white platform. You are now in the room where you place the Magical Artifacts.
    Walk up to the "x"'s on the floor and press A when right in front of them to
    drop the Artifacts. When you place the final one, you will hear something.
    Walk to the West to reveal that a new platform has appeared another white one.
    Just keep on walking up (don't take any more platforms) and you will soon be
    out of that horrid place. We are now at the Ginyu Force Area.

    Fammi sapere

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    E' andata bene,grazie dell'aiuto!

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    Se ti serve qualcos'altro chiedi pure

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