Football Manager 2009

Football Manager 2009 Patch 9.1.0

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Data Pubblicazione: 14 novembre 2008
Versione: 9.1.0
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Football Manager 2009 v9.1.0 (Build 26064)nCompatibility
- Fixed Intel 900 series not being able to run in 3D (including the Intel 950 GMA chipset)
- Handling cases of Intel drivers incorrectly reporting the vertex shader model.
- Improved compatibility with splash screen movies on below minimum specification hardware that could cause the game not to launch.
- Improved compatibility for detecting graphics cards with pixel shaders but below the minimum specifications that could cause the game not to launch.
- Fixed cases of the mouse getting stuck in right-click mode on the MacnCrash Fixes
- Fixed crash when claiming the same player from the MLS Waiver Draft more than oncenGeneral
- Adjusted the fitness/condition of virtual players
- Adjusted attendance increases for big teams after winning leagues
- Adjusted expansion capacities of new stadiums built in the game
- Adjusted the effect of a new stadium on club attendances
- Stopped holiday option applying for jobs at lower division clubs when the user is in charge of a national team
- Stopped players been delighted to have signed a new contract when they are just out on loan
- Tweaked the assistant manager's monthly training report to better reflect the changes of player attributes
- Reduced player condition drop in the off-season
- Stopped non-managerial staff members being marked in landmarks as "Manager leaves " when they take on a manager role at another club
- Adjusted the attribute assignment when filling in blanks for researched players in the database
- When a user takes control of a club which had a player/manager, the player/manager now leaves the club instead of reverting to just a playing role
- Adjusted friendly attendances for matches involving big clubs or rival clubs
- Don't get asked to appoint club captain immediately when taking over a club if the season is over already
- Fixed Fastest Goal club record not updating
- Stopped manager who sets "International Player" experience having more caps and/or goals than the record holder(s) of that nation
- Fixed Dutch virtual players showing the Dutch language twice in their list of languages in the player personal profile
- Detail Level now remembered correctly for reserve competitions after loading a saved game
- Fixed bug where user would sometimes not be able to team talks to be controlled by assistant managernInterface
- Team History screen tables now remember scrollbar position when moving between teams
- No more unnecessary spacers on the Quicklinks bar when unemployed
- No more invalid column error in player trials history
- Edit boxes scroll to the cursor
- Transfer listing a player on a team tactics screen now updates the status flags for that player
- Fixed bug where swapping players with light and serious injuries on the tactics panel caused both players to show in the serious injury colour
- Fixed bug where shirt numbers on team tactics panel were clashing with the background colour
- Managers of B clubs now have the option to allow assistant manager to take control of friendlies
- Fixed the stadium condition information label which was showing "unknown" for several stadiums
- When viewing the draw for the Euro Cup group phase, the groups are now shown correctly
- Fixed home/away floating panels not remembering positions.
- Standardised layout of motivation, team ratings and match stats floating panels
- Removed player condition from key player widgets when viewing previous matches as highlight data does not contain condition data
- Fixed missing match time when viewing previous matches.
- Added home page menu item to bookmarks menu.
- Characters no longer sometimes print twice after a key press in full screen mode
- Fixed competition news icon indicator link going to inbox.
- Altered colour of cannot play status icon for non injuries and suspensions
- Any player sent off whilst the user is changing tactics is now removed from the pitch panel
- Fixed a bug where sometimes when changing captain in a match the wrong player would be shown as captain on the player ratings panel
- Fixed bug which would cause the past meetings table to become sorted incorrectly
- Fixed bug where the tooltip on the captain selection panel would say 'Vice-Captain' for all entries below the vice captain
- Fixed bug where some people's names on the club favoured personnel list would be underlined when they could not be viewed
- Fixed players not playing as strikers being listed on the milestones list during a goal drought
- Fixed bug where players in a reserve team were shown on a squad screen regardless of the filter set.nMatch Viewer
- Fixed some kick animations not being played
- Animations (e.g. kicks, saves, headers, tackles) now synchronised better with actual ball contact
- Fixed possibility of commentary being displayed half a second early unintentionally
- Match time slider can now be used to view the whole match and not just highlights
- Removed assistant feedback link from the match screen when team has no assistant manager present
- Tweaked the assistant feedback for tactical suggestions on opposition instructions at the start of the match
- Fixed assistant manager commenting on language barriers when most of the team is of same (foreign) nationality
- Tweaked the assistant manager feedback levels based on attributes
- Fixed some kit clash issues
- Fixed bug where user isn't taken back to a highlight in split view after making tactical changes
- Fixed bug where if a human watching a match leaves, then comes back, the match time slider was not showing the correct highlights/periods
- Added prev/next highlight buttons in highlight slider as separate buttons
- Behaviour of team name links in match screen is now consistent across views
- Fixed not being able to go to Tactics screen at half time in extra time in TV view
- Fixed text difference "TV View"/"TV Mode"
- Fixed injury times in the TV view match report widget not fitting properly
- Fixed links in offence notifications
- Fixed linesman's flag appearing in pop ups for fouls
- Fixed a bug when a tactical change made during a match highlight would sometimes cause the match highlight to disappear from the match time slider.
- Fixed a bug where the team stats panel on the match screen would sometimes not update if the user paused the match then switched to this panel.
- If user views highlights of an old match in the middle of a current match, the current match shows the correct kits in 3d when the user returns
- Fixed user not being able to go to tactics screen at half time in extra time in TV view
- Fixed layout of goal update widget
- Fixed mismatching hint text for tactics button in TV View
- Fixed floating widgets jumping when setting up TV View
- Tactics buttons in TV View go to team talk at full time
- Added hints to the TV View tactics buttons
- Fixed replay speed slider not being visible on classic view
- Added replay speed to TV View
- Fixed "Live" button not updating when dragging highlight slider to non-highlight area
- Exits replay properly when user sets playback to live using method other than "Exit Replay" button
- Fixed scoreboard showing wrong data during match setup when viewing matches from Intro screennSounds
- Fixed half time whistles and some other sounds occasionally playing twice when watching a matchnNetwork
- Fixed game freeze when user joins a network game using an empty IP address
- Fixed bug where a match between two human managers may not carry on after a forced tactic change is madenManager/Player Interaction
- Can no longer train goalkeepers to rifle in free-kicks unless they are a free-kick taking goalie (e.g. Rogerio Ceni)
- Can now discipline players in your reserves and U18's for being sent off in a match
- Fixed problem if a player outright rejects learning a new PPM, you then have to wait a long time before you can request that they learn a new PPM
North America
- Correct teams now entered for the CONCACAF Champions Cup in 2008nAsia
- Fixed North Korea host the Asian President's Cup.nAustralia
- Australian Institutes should not receive any compensation when Youth contract players move.
- Fixed bug in A-League (regular season) where wrong team is mentioned as the winner of the competitionnBulgaria
- Bulgarian TV revenue update.nCroatia
- Updated Croatian First Division, Second Division and Cup schedulesnCzech Republic
- Amended Czech Summer Transfer WindownDenmark
- Fixed Danish Premier Division scheduling clashing with the Euro competitionsnEngland
- Fixed there being no TV games on the last day of the season in the English Championship
- Fixed duplicate 'long term loan' rule sentence in the rules screen for the Blue Square North/South
- English Conference leagues now deduct 10 points for teams going into administration
- Community Shield no longer called the "Community Shield Final"
- England's away game against Andorra in September 2008 should be played at Espanyol's stadium
- Should not have to register players for reserve team matchesnFinland
- Premier/ Division 1 schedule update
- Finnish Cup third round addednFrance
- French transfer window changed to 01/09/2008 for the first season
- French cup match squad must have no more than four non-EU players
- French League 2 maximum two non-EU players in squad
- 5 subs can be named in French cup until 1/4 finals, 7 from 1/4 finals onwards
- French league cup final set to Saturday 25/04/09
- French National schedule updated
- French loan rules updated
- Fixed French U18 Cup amount of subs
- Ligue 1 Midweek TV dates addednGreece
- Updated Greek Prize MoneynIceland
- Fixed Icelandic league datesnIndonesia
- Indonesian Prem/First schedule updatednIsrael
- Promotion/Relegation Play-off Matches 1 leg 2009/2010 onwards
- Israeli Leagues minimum Stadium capacities changed
- Fixed transfer windownItaly
- Updated Coppa Italia Serie C Third Round Schedule
- Avellino's 3 point deduction cancellednMexico
- Fixed an issue which sometimes qualified the wrong team for the NACLnNorway
- Fixed incorrect text being used for maximum number of non home grown players rule
- Removed home-grown player match rules for Norwegian 2nd divisionnRomania
- Fixed teams being allocated to the wrong Romanian Second League GroupnRussia
- Changed Premier Division squad rule to U21 instead of U20 and moved the age check day to 31st DecembernScotland
- Fixed Scottish Second Division relegation playoffs are played on the incorrect datesnSingapore
- Last 4 sets of fixtures not played at the same time
- Changed the display order of Singapore competitionsnSouth Korea
- Fixed duplicate and incorrect disciplinary rules for South Korean competitionsnSpain
- Fixed Spanish 2nd Division B - Promotion playoff to 2nd Division drawnSweden
- Added prize money for Swedish Premier League teamsnTurkey
- Fixed Turkish teams not being able to sign Foreign based U18 players with Turkish nationality
- Turkish B-style feeder club relationships now send more players on loan each yearnUnited States
- Allocation funds from sales outside the MLS are now correctly awarded
- Fixed an issue which sometimes qualified the wrong team for the NACL
- Fixed wrong prize money in US Cup
- Increased AI teams interest in players inside the Superdraft
- Generation Adidas players no longer require the user to offer them a contract as they now get give one automatically
- Stop players requesting contract clauses that can't be offered in the MLS
- Stopped teams signing players from the Development League when the player hasn't already been in a draft
- Designated players no longer reject terms they ask for
- AI teams should increase their transfer activity to sign Designated Players
- Stopped AI teams from going over the squad restrictionsnUruguay
- Fixed bug where a team may get a Uruguayan First Division championship achievement both after winning the Playoff match and the Championship match
- Basáñez removed from Uruguayan Second DivisionnMatch Engine v725
-----------------n- Fixed throw in taker being over pitch line when throwing
- Fixed players standing 2 yards outside area at penalties instead of right on line
- Improved short free kicks taken at 30 yards out or more
- Fixed commentary stating distance of shot when scoring from clean through at edge of area
- Created some limited ball and player movement When players stand and hold ball up waiting for options
- Reduced ratio of serious injuries compared to light ones in match
- Reduced instances of players not closing down ball player slightly
- Fixed bug where player could be described by commentary and animation as taking a throw in during open play
- Made team shape support ball player a little better when attacking
- Fixed bug where defenders continued marking strikers too long when ball clearly in their teams possession
- Encouraged certain players to try risky dribble when out of options in attacking area
- Encouraged shot when player cutting in at edge of area and on good foot ( or confident )
- Made players attack penalty area quicker when team mate is on wing and in crossing positionnMatch v726
----------n- Removed some confusion created by small deflections that can cause players to react illogically
- Fixed rare bug where keeper can fumble save as result of foul off ball between 2 other players
- Reduced extreme curve on kicks with high target point
- Improved perception of when player is in semi clean through situation
- Fixed players clean through drifting too wide too easily
- Fixed bug where player chasing ball can suddenly move at superhuman speed
- Made defenders a little more careful about going to ground prematurely
- Made players a little more willing to turn having received ball to face opposition goal depending on tactical instructions etc
- Toned down number of shots on target slightly
- Fixed players making unnatural passes similar to how it works for shots in v724nMatch v727
----------n- Fixed dodgy use of squad rotation by some teams mid season
- Increased accuracy of ball to player deflections
- Fixed AI managers being overly defensive in some lower league games
- Fixed AI managers illogical use of 424 when no need
- Fixed occasional instance of goalkeeper not picking ball up when able to
- Fixed possibility of lesser goalkeepers parrying ball that is easy to catch
- Fixed rare instance of keeper leaving save until ball is already over the line
- Lowered number of passes ahead of team mates that give receiver too much to do to get there
- Player marking post at corner will now leave it to mark free opponent who is near if no-one else can do it
- Player marking opponent with ball near own corner flag now positions better to block the cross
- Less shots from free kicks in wide areas
- Encourage run with ball when acres of space to move into
- Encourage pass to player in more advanced position when attacking
- Reduced instances of player kicking ball against opponent for throw in unrealistic position
- Slight reduction in shots going over bar rather than wide
- Slight reduction in condition drop through match
- 3 man midfield or attack with no wide players now spreads more when in possession
Player Happiness
- Players on loan no long get low morale because they are transfer listed at their parent clubnMedia
- Fixed bug where the wrong host for the next Confederations Cup was being announced
- Stopped repetitive "Backs manager to win new contract" news item after every game when manager is near the end of his/her contract
- Fixed player bio talking of player having 'done well to come back from serious injury' when the injury wasn't particularly serious
- Fixed match report bug which states that the match 'started tentatively' for the wrong team
- Fixed some grammatical errors in strings
- Fixed some female stringsnPress Conferences
- Don't ask question about long gap between games for non-active sides
- Will no longer be asked a question about needed to spend money to gain success outside of transfer windows
- Questions about who will win the title come up less frequently
- Questions about who will win the title not asked when destination of title has already been decided
- Fixed fairly rare occurrence when journalists would ask a follow-up question that had already been asked in the same press conference
- Fixed instance of user being asked who will win the title too often
- Fixed rare instance where journalists would think a score draw was 0-0
- Stopped people from having to interrupt their Christmas dinners to take a press conference
- Assistants now answer opposition dangerman questions
- Fixed bug where extra time and penalty goals not shown in player reaction to post match press conference
- Fixed bug where AI manager could rarely attend a pre-match press conference twice
- Fixed bug where Assistant attending press conference would be asked the same questions in consecutive conferences quite often
- Fixed bug where the PR reactions weren't showing after your assistant takes a press conference
- Made sure you always attend a new job press conference before any other type of press conference
- Stopped big players responding to comments from small club managers
- Fixed defender being chosen as possible threat in a questionnTransfers
- Sell-on fees cleared also when the next transfer includes no cash
- Stopped relegated teams offering players well below their asking prices
- Stopped teams make a loan offer for a player despite the fact that he will be injured for the next 4 to 5 months
- Stopped clubs repeating same transfer offer over and over again with no sign of giving up or improving offer
- Stopped clubs initially bidding basic value for key/first team players if no asking price has been set
- Stopped clubs who haven't previously bid on a player from bidding below previously rejected offers of the same type from different clubs
- When a club reject loan bid due to low wage contribution but user is offering to pay 100%, the real reason is that the buying club is a divisional rival
- Stopped Chairmen inappropriately accepting bids because they are "too good to refuse" at high reputation clubs
- Fixed teams reject original offer for a player but after an enquiry they will accept lessnScouts
- Fixed a bug when managing Tottenham, scout reports on Jermain Defoe would suggest he "would be a good signing for most League One sides"nManagerial Sackings/Appointments
- Fixed clubs hiring and firing 3 times in 5 days due to manager contract expirations
- Ensured managers who have had a poor start but given time by the board don't get fired once they have been there a short while and are gradually improving the terrible league positionnClub Reputations
- Club reputations rising instead of dropping properly when a team gets relegatednTraining
- Young players on part time/amateur contracts in youth teams now get youth training instead of full/part timenContracts
- Fixed wages asked and wages allowed for Israeli players aged 18-21 in Israel
- Fixed low reputation player rejecting contract offer as he wants a more lucrative salary, but he is being offered exactly what he is asking fornFinances
- Fixed custom expenditure setup in the database from spiralling when renewed
- Adjusted cash balances of inactive clubs with sugar daddies
- New MLS kit sponsorships only to start after the first season
- Adjusted MLS wage budgets to allow budgets higher than the cap
- Tweaks to club bankruptcy limits and chairmen willingness to cover losses
- Enabled loans setup in the DB to have future repayment start dates in the game
- Adjusted building costs of new stadiums in developing countries
- Adjusted stadium sponsorship deals for new stadiums
- Adjusted the high end wages in France
- Adjusted the level of extra wage budget board will allow at rich clubs if requested and accepted
- Adjusted the Belarus league ticket prices to better match the values set in the DB
- Fixed Huddersfield season ticket prices and sales to revert to normal levels after the first season where season tickets are on special salenBoard Takeovers
- Non-active clubs now have chairman changes listed on their history landmarks panel
- Improved board takeover frequency and balance
- Fixed issue where board members weren't moving/leaving clubs properly, previously identified by corrupted club records e.g. Bobby Charlton at Man Utd
- Increased chance of ambitious directors becoming chairmen at other clubs
- Improved selection of nationality for tycoon chairmen
- Slightly reduced reputation boost for consortium and tycoon takeovers
- Fixed bug where B clubs where having board takeovers.nMiscellaneous
- Fixed some Hints and Tips
- Fixed Danish Tutorial headline
- Updated CreditsnNationalities
- Players can now gain Hong Kong citizenship
- Fixed Brazilian player is considered as Home Grown for an English side despite only joining them six weeks ago
- Fixed bug where a Non-EU player wouldn't want to gain British nationalitynCompetitions
- East Timor get placed in a valid group in Asian Under 20 Championships Qualifiers
- African Cup of Nation hosts for 2010, 2012 and 2014 added
- Paraguay South American U-20 2009 hosts
- Fixed CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiers being played on the wrong dates in the first season causing fixture clashes with league games
- Vietnam now doesn't qualify directly for Asian Nations Cup 2011 as they take part in the qualifiers
- Fixed Asian/Oceania World Cup Qualifying playoff for 2010 World Cup clashing with club league fixtures
- Fixed International friendlies incorrectly played 13th August 2008
- Correct age rules used when picking squads for U21 European Championships
- South American U20 Championship winners now get an achievement added