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Lord Axl: When in the office we saw the scenes from Kreed, many among us have instantly
recognized a lot of similarity with the light/dark effects of the next Doom3. How have you been able to create a graphical engine capable of competing (at least on paper) with the one of id-software?
Aleksey Vlasov: This is the result of the designers and the programmers cooperation. Being a lead designer I'm well aware of it. All the aspects where optimization of a level, a character, data storage take place must be minded during the work and then probably you'll get high quality graphical engine. The elements that are most involved into game processing deserve major efforts. In addition to abovesaid it's experience. Without the experience it's impossible to develop new technological solutions able to compete on the game market.

Lord Axl: Can you tell us something about the plot of Kreed?
Aleksey Vlasov: Kreed in itself is the embodiment of Chaos that covers with time everything around. To great extent it reflects the situation that in the mid 80's got the name "Apocacypse Culture". To great extent our character finds himself in a crucial moment, when a new life is born in the Universe. The seed of new life is hidden in the depth of the Kreed. The place becomes involed into a kind of the fighting of Titans, Titanomachia, facing the race of light, angel-like creatures, Prozars. This race came into conflict inside of Kreed with its disappeared creators, Nantocrats. The so-called Lords of Kreed, and its result, resist them. All they fight, betrey, die for the seed of new life that is supposed to get ready at the end of the final battel, when the Destiny of the Universe is at question.

Lord Axl: Also we have realized that the graphical effects are present nearly everywhere. Are you not worried that Kreed can be seen just as a mere display of nice lights and colours, deprived of its own real identity?
Aleksey Vlasov: The graphical part of a game is nothing but underlying reason. This is what makes you excited 1st 3-4 hours during a game. Then gameplay itself starts. In this case graphical effects are nothing but what is supposed to make a gamer delighted, impressed and attached. But it's only an interesting enough, sophisticated plot that force him to play for hours, press the button of his mouse and care for the characters.

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